John WatersWhy is drug use wrong? That's easy: because it isn't natural. It isn't because Valium will relax you. It isn't because cocaine will make you talk to an aggravating degree. It is because it is wrong to not be the way God intended.

Sure, people talk about crime. They talk about lives destroyed. They talk about overdoses. But these are secondary. It is all about what's natural. Natural is good: fresh air and sunshine! Ripe fruits and vegetables! Territorial wars!

The problem is that this is what all bigotry depends upon. Blacks had to be denied the right to vote because they were stupid compared to whites. You wouldn't let a cow vote, would you? Women were naturally subservient to men, so no need for equal rights. Gays were diseased. Obviously, sexual behavior that doesn't lead to babies is unnatural.

Check out this short film from 1961. It warns boys to stay away from gay men. "What Jimmy didn't know was that Ralph was sick—a sickness that was not visible like smallpox, but no less dangerous and contagious."[0]

It is 50 years later and now we all laugh at the idea that homosexuality is a disease. Unfortunately, this does not cause people to be skeptical of current claims of "mental diseases" like drug use.

But I'm not worried about "them." I'm worried about "you": people who read this site who are far more likely to have experiences with drugs. You know that regardless of how out of control a life may be, that doesn't make the person crazy. You know that drug use is part of a life, it doesn't define it—regardless of what Biography producers and the trained monkeys of NA say.[1]

So how about stepping up and countering the continuing disinformation and psychologizing campaign against drug use. People do drugs, because they like the effect. Can such behaviors get out of hand? Sure. Just like homosexuality.[2]

[0] It is weird in the video. What exactly is Jimmy guilty of? Homosexuality? What did he do, run home to mom and dad and say, "I had anal sex with a man"? This reminds me of the teen aged boys who tell their parents they are sleeping with a smoking hot high school teacher. Now these kids may need psychological help.

[1] There is a noted behavior among Born Again Christians. They always put the worst spin possible on their previous lives. This is why you will often hear them talk about how they were Satan worshipers before their conversions. The same thing goes on at NA meetings. Go to one and see. You would get the impression that these people are crazy for having lived such a terrible life. Funny how that goes and it also shows that NA is just a religious organization. Nondenominational, but religious nonetheless.

[2] Doesn't "Ralph" in the film look like John Waters? I gather this is why Waters looks that way. He's loves that kind of thing.